Screen Flicker with Set Allowed Orientation - FileMaker GO 14

Discussion created by user14060 on Nov 13, 2015
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I wanted to report a possible bug that I experience in the following test set.


Steps to reproduce:

1) On an iPad with a black bezel. Non white iPads do not exhibit this issue, I have tested with 6 iPads, 3 of which were black and exhibit this issue, none of the white iPads exhibit this).

2) FileMaker GO 14 Specific (does not occur on same iPad in GO 13).

3) If the script step "Set Allow Orientations" is set to Portrait or Landscape but NOT both, the iPad screen will flicker endlessly and the touch screen becomes unresponsive in FileMaker GO, If your orientation is in the opposite of the allowed orientation. For example, if I "Set Allowed Orientations" to Portrait "On" and Landscape "Off", if I am in Landscape mode when that script steps runs, the script will flicker endlessly.


Known Fixes:

1) Disable the Set Allowed Orientations scripts step resolves this.

2) While the endless flicker is occurring, rotating the device to the opposite orientation will STOP the flickering and touch screen responsiveness returns. Issue persists each time Set Allowed Orientations scripts step runs.


I have attached a video to demonstrate this issue.