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Table Occurrences

Question asked by TKnTexas on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

Sometimes I get confused with Table Occurrences.  I have a table of billing transactions, Table:  BilledTrans.  I have created a second TO, SOPItems. These table names are to match to the names in Great Plains.  The goal is to export from FileMaker to Great Plains to bill with our catalog billing.


Parent table:  SOPHeader

Child:            SOPItems


My confusion is limiting the scope of records.  I go to a search layout for SOPItems to pull just the records for the current month.  64/818, but on the Invoice layout I have the full 818.  And both layouts are based on SOPItems.  There are only 26 invoices for me to create import files.


Any insight to what I am overlooking?