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How to I create new student record on a weekly basis with a script and button

Question asked by bootht on Nov 13, 2015
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I am a bit new to this discussion system.

I have created a lesson tracking points systems for my school that is based on the 'Invoices' starter solution.

It tracks the progress of pupils in each lesson throughout the week.Screenshot 1 .jpgScreen Shot 2.png


It consists of 4 tables - Students ( Customers), Products, Invoices, Invoice data

I have added in all the student names to the customer table

I have created 5 records in the products table - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.


Every week I create a 'new invoice' for each student and add in the 'Products'  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

The 'Invoice Data' table has Lesson 1 to Lesson 6 for each of the days and the calculations to total them.

So Monday has lesson 1 ,lesson 2 etc and the same to each day.

So in effect, I would create an invoice for 'Pupil A', with a date of 'Week 1' and allocate Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday , which would create each lesson for each day for that invoice.



My issue I need help with is I have to create a new record for each student on friday afternoon ready for the start of the following week. Is there a script/button that I can create to automatically create a new record for 'Week 2' for every student and that would then add in the 'Product' of Monday, Tuesday etc.

Please can anyone offer some advice.

Thank you so much