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4G LTE video APP

Question asked by austinkcw on Nov 13, 2015
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I'm a filmmaker not IT specialist, I can't really tell what differences between WebDirect and Web Publishing PHP. 

I'd like to create a 4G LTE mobile APP

Here is my logical path


user through mobile 4G LTE -> account registration ->VERIFY ACCOUNT -> LOG IN -> watch video clip -> choose next video -> STOP/CONTINUE.

LOG IN -> continue watch previous video/choose a new video -> STOP/CONTINUE.

Hopefully I can analyse user's behaviours information during they watch video.

Every video Clip is less than 1GB, and all video are about 100GB in total.

Ideally,the test site I'd like to have more than 2,000 users to watch videos simultaneously. For commercial release is about 20,000 users maybe more.


Any expert can give me a hint? thx