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Dear All

I want to create reminders in the on OS X.  I have a button on the layout that does this very well using a calculated apple script.

What I need to do is get the id of the result from the reminders app, and put that into a field on the layout that called the applescript (which I will use later to delete the reminder using another applescript).


The end of my scrips looks like this:


List (


"tell mylist" ;

    "set result to make new reminder with properties {name:mytitle, body:mybody, due date:mydate, priority:thepriority}" ;

   "end tell";

"return the id of result";

"end tell";

"tell application " & Quote ( "FileMaker Pro Advanced" ) ;

  "set cell ReminderUUID of current record to the id of result";

"end tell" ;



It creates the reminder in the Reminders App, but I can't get it to send back the id.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.