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    'Value list' in portal


      I have conditional values lists that narrow the choice down from: Region to Company to Product using TOs from the Products table. All lists are shown on a Customise table layout. For convenience Region and Company were shown as value lists on Customise checkbox fields using related TOs of the Products table.


      For space reasons I'd really prefer to represent the Region and Company checkboxed value lists with a scroll bar. It's easy to add a field to provide the checkbox value. But how could I get a value list to behave like records?


      I realise I'm trying to have an unorthodox combination of functionalities!

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          Been down this path myself. Sorry. No scroll bars with checkboxes. :-(


          That being said, if you can use a different selection method (popover with a virtual list for selection, or popping up a new window, where you click records to add keys to a global variable, then capture the result...) you can then calculate a comma-separated string of the selected values, and show that on your portal row, with (or without) a scroll bar.




          Chris Cain


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            I confess to not yet creating a popover, but, how would I create the "'virtual list' for section" in a popover?

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              Re: "For space reasons I'd really prefer to represent the Region and Company checkboxed value lists with a scroll bar"


              If space is the issue a drop down list or popup menu uses less space than a checkbox set or radio buttons if multiple options are listed.

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                True and would be simple to set up. However, the user needs to see what will probably be their multiple choices so a checkbox list that can be scrolled appears to be the best, if difficult to attain, solution.

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                  tays01s wrote:

                  a checkbox list that can be scrolled appears to be the best, if difficult to attain, solution.

                  I absolutely agree. Not an option, though.


                  The virtual list technique is a bit much to try and describe in a single post, It's a powerful technique, and this might be a place for you to start: http://mightydata.com/virtual-list-in-3-easy-steps/


                  However, reconsidering this, I realize that this would involve a portal in a popover coming from a portal, which also isn't possible. You'd end up having to put the popover outside your original portal, which is probably clunky. Let me just demonstrate a basic "selection" process in a new window, which you can do with just a regular table, and see if this makes sense for you.


                  See attached, which will explain the basic idea.


                  Fully agree that a scrollable checkbox would be nice. Because of this and other "not quites" with various controls (not just in FM, and not just technical limitations), we use the technique shown here (only way more detailed and modular) in most of our solutions. It's more steps, but it provides room for more control. For example, our full routine includes ability to do finds, add records (i.e., regions) on the fly, parameters to bring back field values other than the primary key, what values to "pre-check", what table/layout to select from, what field to put the result in, how many records the user must select and can select, etc. etc. If you (or anyone, really) wants a quick demo of that, contact me backchannel and I'd be happy to "geek out" with you a bit about it. I'd post our full implementation here, but it's pretty integrated into a large number of standard scripts, custom functions, and such that we use, so I think the file I've attached is easier for giving you the basic picture.

                  Hope this helps.


                  Chris Cain

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                    Chris: Thanks for the advice. I wasn't immediately sure it could be developed into being able to get a single list of checkboxable Regions.......


                    ........but I stumbled across a possible solution. If you set up a 'checkbox field' in the normal way, put it in a popover, make the field much longer than the popover to take care of possible choices that might crop up, then the popover gives you the ability to scroll and thereby fit a list of checkboxes into the required space......


                    ........unless someone says this will lead to disaster!