FMP 14 Container File Names with /

Discussion created by dan@danpeck.com on Nov 16, 2015
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In a client's system, they have  PDF's stored as an external reference. They were entered in FMP 13 on a Mac. Many file names have / 's. (This is legal character on Mac.) When the same file is opened in FMP 14, the link is broken.


This reference was created in FMP 12.




This reference was created in FMP 14. FMP 14 coerces / into :




Oddly, both references work in FMP 12.




Note that only the file name has been changed, not the file path.


Is this something that will be addressed?


I am currently advising all clients to avoid 14 until I know that it won't break references.


I know that / is not a good character for a file name even on a Mac, but in an all Apple environment, it shouldn't be of consequence. Well written software should respect the OS.