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    Find Return Order Default Change to LIFO


      I posted this same question in 2011 with FM 11 and the answer was "change not possible" but I am hoping with the 3 upgrades that this may have changed.


      When you perform a simple find for a field ( Ctrl F ), FM brings up the found set in order of creation ( I guess ). This appears to be the default result return order; FIFO.


      Is there a way that you can change this standard default so that a simple find returns the most recent record created first order; LIFO?


      I know that you can create a script based on a creation date field to do something like this, but I was wondering if it is possible to change the FM default find return order so that this happens all the time for every sort in every field.


      Any help here would be greatly  appreciated.


      I have FMPro Advanced 14.0.3

      OS - Windows 7

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          If your database is not very dynamic you could sort your records by creation date descending, export and import in a clone.

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            Relate to, or find, the records you want and then sort them.


            Sorting is very important in a paper filing system, and when performing a particular task. For just storing your data, the order shouldn't matter, and FM will always just append new records to the end.


            Generally speaking, if you have a process that involves the user, or a script, sorting every record in your table and then looping or scrolling through it, you're not really getting the most out of your database. Relate to, or find, the (limited) records you want and sort them as is appropriate for the process at hand, either with the sort command or by sorting the relationship or portal.


            This may seem like a personal preference, or even a peeve. It's both, due to experiences getting caught up in this assumed requirement before, and the experience of the ease that came from discarding it and letting storage happen in the order that it does. However, if you need more ammunition for this, check out the Wikipedia page for first normal form, towards the end: First normal form - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


            Chris Cain


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              It can be done in SQL query with ORDER BY clause, and FMI should be easy to implement it in option of "find records".


              I think the feature didn't get enough request, and they have many things to do before making 2 steps into 1.