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    Master/Detail, Strange Portal Behavior on Scroll


      Image Thumbnail and Image Detail View


      I have a layout on which there is a tall and narrow portal on the left, and a large detail area (image container and a text edit box, plus image ID) consuming approximately 4/5 of the area to the right. The portal is displaying thumbnail images and part of the description (caption) beneath the thumbnail. (This layout is reached via another more complex layout by clicking a portal item.) The portal is four (4) rows tall and slightly wider than the thumbnail. Clicking a thumbnail (actually the portal row via large background button) loads the detail view (large image) and full caption/description. Prev/Next buttons provide additional navigation options.




      One table with two table occurrences ("ImageLib", "ImageLib_TO2") containing both the thumbnail field ("imageThumb") and the detail image field ("image"). There are nine fields total. The TOs are related by Cartesian Join on "imgID".




      If there are several rows in the portal (greater than the four showing rows) and one scrolls up and down the thumbnails arbitrarily change on some. For example, the thumb for the 9th portal row might be in the second row place if one scrolls up and down a bit. However, clicking on the portal or on that errant thumb clears it and displays the correct thumb. This occurs whether using a scroll wheel type of scrolling (or Apple Magic Mouse, trackpad, etc.), or the clickable scroll controls of the FMP UI. Of course the portal row is in tact and a click on a messed up thumbnail not only refreshes the portal, correcting the thumbs, it also navigates to the correct portal row.


      This occurs whether the portal is active (clicked within) or the main area is active (clicked outside of portal). This behavior does not occur on the original layout from which the user navigated to this "Image Detail" view layout. On the original layout image thumbs are viewed via portal on a tab, but there is no self-join involved.


      Is this a known habit/issue? Is my structure at fault? Any recommendations or help is greatly appreciated.


      FMP 14 Advanced, Mac OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite)

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          Hi Dale, I think it might be the same issue as here:  FMP14 Wrong Portal images displayed after scrolling


          Summary:  if the solution was originally written in a pre-12 version of FMP and converted to .fmp12, you're probably stuck with it.  The portal display was fine in v12 and v13 but 'broke' in v14.    (I haven't spent time exploring workarounds because I'd already rewritten the whole solution in v13.)


          Regards, Mardi

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            Hi Mardi, Thanks very much for your reply. I searched at length for an existing thread on the topic and for some reason didn't find that thread. Thank you for the link.


            I'm not absolutely 100% positive, but I believe (98% certain) that I created this solution in FMP 14 using the 30 day demo download before upgrading to FMP 14 Advanced. I had and was using FMP 12 for other solutions, but I'm starting something new for which all FMP and FMPS installs will be newest versions. I set the minimum version to 14 as well, so I'm pretty positive I started the whole thing in 14. Creation date supports this as well.


            Currently using FMP 14.0.3 and in the process of upgrading one machine to 14.0.4 at this moment. Will upgrade the others tonight as well. So other than the new .04 update it looks like I still have an issue which started with a v14 build.



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              I can't seem to edit my post, so I'll reply to myself to add this edit: I have looked at all of my archived versions and backups of this solution and all are v14. None of the work was done in a prior version.


              I had added a sort order in portal setup (and a script step as well) to see if that would force it, but no difference. (Window refresh does clear it up, but that's little relief.)


              Furthermore, I have updated to v14.04(406) and the problem persists. I guess I should build an isolated instance of just this table and layout to see if it exists in a new file. Ugh

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                Ouch!  That's depressing news.  I've definitely only observed this in databases originally written pre-12 and converted, rather than originating in 12+.  If it has occurred, then the 14.04 release didn't fix it (for my (Mac) users).

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                  I've also done quite a lot of similar stuff v13+ and not observed the problem at all, but also haven't 'gone looking' for it v14.  Hopefully some others will chime in and we can narrow this down; I know there are quite a lot of people doing relatively similar things.

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                    Right. I'll find time to build a new file with just the one table. The whole solution is growing in complexity (although pretty straight forward stuff), so I'll attempt to eliminate as many variables as possible.


                    Thanks for playing along.

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                      Just set up a test in an Images solution that was entirely written in 14.02/ PC environment (W7).  WS here was upgraded to 14.04 this morning.  Was unable to create the (self join found set) portal image redraw issue in this environment.  It'll be good to hear from others.  Won't be able to review the Mac side til later in the week.

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                        Thank you for the data point. I'll post back with results from my environment (Mac) when I have a chance to set up a stand-alone implementation.

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                          Mardi (et al), I can now report that in the simplest form, the scroll issue is not present in my environment. That is, on a layout with a portal for thumbnails, scrolling does not mess up the display of thumbnails in my environment. This is with no navigation provided by clicking thumbnails and such. The detail image is not yet mirroring to the portal thumbs


                          However, my "real" application has a similar layout, but with records in the portal filtered to an appropriate report document, i.e. each report may have from 1 to xxx images associated with it. Furthermore, layout is provided in a new window as Style: Dialog (Modal), with a close window button. A bit more complex than just scrolling a portal of all records.


                          I'll poke at it a bit more as time allows this week.


                          EDIT: I added the "click portal thumb to update detail image" script. Still no display errors. This is on a set which is not filtered (all records). I'll add more records and filter by report ID to see if that presents any issues. Then I suppose I'll remove the filter on my "real" solution to see if that is a cause.