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Master/Detail, Strange Portal Behavior on Scroll

Question asked by dale_allyn on Nov 15, 2015
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Image Thumbnail and Image Detail View


I have a layout on which there is a tall and narrow portal on the left, and a large detail area (image container and a text edit box, plus image ID) consuming approximately 4/5 of the area to the right. The portal is displaying thumbnail images and part of the description (caption) beneath the thumbnail. (This layout is reached via another more complex layout by clicking a portal item.) The portal is four (4) rows tall and slightly wider than the thumbnail. Clicking a thumbnail (actually the portal row via large background button) loads the detail view (large image) and full caption/description. Prev/Next buttons provide additional navigation options.




One table with two table occurrences ("ImageLib", "ImageLib_TO2") containing both the thumbnail field ("imageThumb") and the detail image field ("image"). There are nine fields total. The TOs are related by Cartesian Join on "imgID".




If there are several rows in the portal (greater than the four showing rows) and one scrolls up and down the thumbnails arbitrarily change on some. For example, the thumb for the 9th portal row might be in the second row place if one scrolls up and down a bit. However, clicking on the portal or on that errant thumb clears it and displays the correct thumb. This occurs whether using a scroll wheel type of scrolling (or Apple Magic Mouse, trackpad, etc.), or the clickable scroll controls of the FMP UI. Of course the portal row is in tact and a click on a messed up thumbnail not only refreshes the portal, correcting the thumbs, it also navigates to the correct portal row.


This occurs whether the portal is active (clicked within) or the main area is active (clicked outside of portal). This behavior does not occur on the original layout from which the user navigated to this "Image Detail" view layout. On the original layout image thumbs are viewed via portal on a tab, but there is no self-join involved.


Is this a known habit/issue? Is my structure at fault? Any recommendations or help is greatly appreciated.


FMP 14 Advanced, Mac OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite)