Trying to display fields from a table into another table. What mistake am I making?

Discussion created by LenovoUser on Nov 15, 2015
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I have a question about something I am having trouble getting past in FileMaker and I would really appreciate some help!

I have two tables:


1. An "Author" table (contains all my authors' ID numbers, names, birth years, etc.)

2. A "Book" table (contains the fields Title, Genre, Year of Publication, and other fields)


I want to make a layout that shows each author and the title, genre, and year of publication of each book they have written. I am aware that this requires the two tables to have a relationship (many-to-one I believe). So far I have almost managed to do it, but my issue is that I just cannot fit all the books that each author wrote in a single table (i.e. I can't make each author have their own table that shows the title, genre, and year of publication of the books they wrote). For some reason, every book pops up on a new table and I just can't understand why. Does anyone have an idea?


The question is going to be a lot clearer if you look at what I have so far (first attachment shows the relationship I created between the two tables, the second attachment is what I see in my layout, the third attachment is what I would like it to look like)