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    moving external secure containers

    Jonathan Jeffery

      I've just moved a database from one filemaker server to another (both *identical* Windows 2012/FMS14 set ups).


      The database uses secure external storage (in the default location).


      However, now the container fields in the database all show  <Missing: Filename.xxx>


      I've seen similar things when moving storage if I fail to place the external storage folder in the correct place, but I am sure that the folder is in the correct place.


      As a test, I tried moving the container folder out of the RC_Data_FMS, then adding a new file to a container field in my database -- this re-created the container folder structure, confirming exactly where the database was looking for it's external data (exactly where I though it should be).


      Is this a hidden 'gotcha' when moving secure folders, or is there something that I'm missing?


      More importantly, is there a fix, or have I just destroyed my client's data?


      Help much appreciated.



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          How did you "move" it? Did you close it and download it from the control panel, then upload it to the new server using FMP?


          Or did you just move it folder to folder manually?

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            Jonathan Jeffery



            I closed the files on the first server, and the FTP's it to the new server, directly into the database folder. Usually, on Windows, the permissions are inherited and you don't need the extra step of using the file uploader.


            Interestingly, I tried again using a backup copy — but this time, after transferring everything, I opened the database on the new server as a local copy, and moved the files to the slightly different location that local copies look for.


            The container fields were then populated as expected.


            Next, I followed your advice, and I used the FM uploader to mount the file on the server, and everything worked as expected.


            Funnily, I tried to do the same process with my original database (opening it locally, etc.), but no matter where I placed the files, the containers remained unlinked. I guess that they've got upset somewhere along the line...





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              For secured storage I never mess with the folders independent of filemaker. While FM usually does a great job with things that randomly get dropped into it's folders, the upload tools and container management tools exist for good reasons.