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Question asked by Chant62 on Nov 15, 2015
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Hi! I am currently re-writing my database that I use to run my karate club. It was never constructed corectly so I'm now going to redo it from the ground up. My first question follows:

I have a student information table and a student record table. They are connected by Serial and student _FK, g.month = month and g.year = year.  On a layout I have each student in list format and the relevant information such as name, phone number, dues paid or not, and most importantly the ability to create records as to whether they attend class (P) or not (X). When I click on a Mon., Wed., or Fri. it creates a record in the student records table for each day/date that they are there and when they are not. This shows up as either P or X.  Class is only 3 days per week with one class on that day. What I want to do is create a layout that shows the student's attendance monthly but for 4 months that I select. It will always be a 4 month period but could consist of any 4 consecutive months. These month fields will show a number of attends (P) only such as 11 not the abscences (X). Then I want to add the available classes up for that 4 month selection (both attend and abscent) to get available classes so I can calculate an attendance percentages. This would be in a list format showing all current students and their attendance. I can accomplish this with the current month but not previous months although the data is there. I have a dummy file that might go a long way in explaining this a little better if anyone wants to take a gander at it.