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    Surface Pro 4 issues?


      Has anyone attempted either FMP or FMPA on a Surface Pro 4 running windows 10 (with the latest updates)?


      I have a solution that is completely unusable on my surface, but runs fine on Win 7 and/or mac.  Just for kicks, I attempted to run starter solutions and a couple of basic solutions and nothing gives.  After a few clicks the screens lock up and the interface is unusable! Any similar experiences out there?  I can't find any open topics on this, but I doubt I'm the only person on the planet attempting FMP on a Surface Pro 4!

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          Just for reference, I have the latest copies of FMP and FMPA 14.04.  I even downloaded a trial copy of FMP to see if it was on my end. 

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            Thank you for your post.


            I have been unable to find any previous reports of this issue. If you would like, please provide the information below:

            -Hardware Specifications? (4GB Ram, Dual-Core, 250GB Hard Drive, etc.)

            -Could you create a Contacts Starter Solution and give me exact steps to cause your "lock up"?


            I look forward to your response.



            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Hello GeorgeChriana,

              I also bought a Surface Pro 4. For me, until now, the screen didn't lock, but what I did notice, is that a pop-up field shows its items in a very very smal font. Even if the field has a fontheight of 18, the items in the popup still appear in the same very small font (about 5). Furthermore in layoutmode the icons on top of the screen (arrow, T, line, square, create field, create button etc...) are also projected much smaller then normal. I searched the internet and it seems to me that this problem is tipical to the surface hardware (also surface pro 3!). I'm considering buying another tablet with Windows 10 so I will be able to run Filemaker FMP directly on it with all the speed benefit instead of Filemaker GO. Maybe, in the meantime, you found a solution?...

              Best regards,

              Marc Bouts


              Used hardware :

              Microsoft Surface Pro 4

              Windows version : Windows 10 Pro

              Intel Core i5-6300 CPU @ 2.40 GHZ    2.50 GHz

              RAM : 4GB

              System type : 64-bit, x64 processor

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                It is not a Surface problem in particular. I'm running FMPA on W10 as well. However, everything is tiny due the (4K) resolution. The only thing you can do: wait for an update from FM to support 4K resolutions.

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                  would like to know if FMP15 Advanced is running well on the Surface Pro 4?

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                    We're still having issues with it, but it's not a show stopper by any means.  We're on FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced on Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10.  Parts of the layout sometimes don't render after screen resize.  We've only seen it on Surface tablets.  The only issue we see fairly consistently on all Windows 10 machines with a touch enabled graphics display driver is an odd hover state showing up for a split second when any button on the layout is selected.  It can be quite distracting to a user.




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