Will Symantec Managed PKI Subscriber Service SSL Certificates work with FileMaker Server 14 and latest 13?

Discussion created by jdbranum on Nov 16, 2015

FileMaker Inc's list of supported certificate types list the Symantec retail version SSL certificate, "Secure Site", but not the certificate types issued by Symantec's Managed PKI for SSL Subscriber Services.  Our company uses this service, and I do not want to unnecessarily waste a certificate quota if the certificates will not work.  The names of types our company can issue are "Standard SSL", "Premium SSL", and "Code Signing for Java". 


Which, if any, of these certificate types will work with FileMaker Server 14 and also the latest version of FileMaker 13?  If will work, any special procedures involved?


Thanks in advance,

James Branum, Internal Developer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California.