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    PDF in interactive container field not displaying


      Because my original question was not properly asked (I used the term interactive portal) , I am resubmitting the issue to get the community to assist us! Other developers have had this problem years and most of their issues have gone unanswered! Here is our setup...


      • We are using FileMaker Pro 14 server with Windows 2008 Server. All computers are hard wired to a network switch
      • All clients are using either Filemaker 13 or 13 Advanced (13.05)
      • Workstations are either Windows 7 Home/Professional, W8.1 or Mac OSX 10.9+


      In addition...

      • Interactive container are set to external storage
      • PDFs are dragged into the container from the desktop. They appear in the correct folder on the server
      • PDFs do not interact ON ANY PLATFORM. They do NOT appear in the field. These fields are NOT in a portal. Multiple files using the same design do NOT show the PDFs. They do NOT appear at all, even in a separate Acrobat Reader window.
      • The contents of these same container fields can be exported and then properly viewed in a webviewer pointing to the exported file in the temp folder, which means the webkit for the operating system is operational for the version of Acrobat Reader installed.
      • Many times, after waiting for the container field to "interact", a message says, "The webpage did not respond" or something like that.
      • This is being used only on a LAN with all firewalls either properly set for inbound and outbound traffic or many times turned off all together!


      No matter what we do ... uninstall ... reinstall Acrobat Reader for any of the above mentioned platforms we cannot get the Interactive container fields to properly show the PDFs. From what I can see, this has been an issue with all recent versions of FileMaker, yet there is no published fix.


      What needs to be fixed for there to be consistent functionality of interactive container fields across all platforms?


      Scott Zeigen MD

      medDB, LLC

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          Because of the total frustration I had with FileMaker Server 14 not operating as expected with container field, I decided to do the ole remove and reinstall the software thing! This is what happened and may be a guide to future issues and something for the TS folks to look through!

          1- Stopped FileMaker Server 14

          2- Stopped FileMaker Services

          3- Went to Control Panels and deleted FileMaker Server 14; ARR 3.0 was in the list of installed apps

          4- Tried to reinstall FMS14 ... but it failed because it said "The internet connection was disrupted and ARR could not be downloaded"  ... so strange!

          5- Next, uninstalled ARR

          6- Downloaded new ARR installer from Windows website (installer name was requestRouter_x64.msi) and installed w/o issue

          7- FMS14 finally installed properly and became operational


          NOW FINALLY the interactive container fields work on PC and Mac ...geez what an ordeal!


          Some process was interrupted or altered by recent Windows updates, the question arises which one?


          BUT BUT BUT I am still unable to open the admin-console from a Windows 7 PC using Chrome. On the Mac using Safari it will only run the console if I do a certificate exception. Before this reinstall it would even do that!


          Hopefully these steps can help others in my same situation and guide FileMaker TS.


          Doc Z