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    The FREE Deskspace rwApp reviewer release is now available


      If you want to create fast responsive web sites quickly and easily then here is the solution, built 100% in Filemaker.

      The Deskspace rwApp is now available for download on http://www.deskspace.com.


      The App is FREE for up to 7 pages and thereafter there is a modest license fee. Download it now and we will give you a Reviewer License which is good for 5 users, 99 pages and 60 days. Give us feedback and bug reports etc and we will give you a free personal license.


      When you open it you are taken to the settings page.


      Put in your name, email address and country and click the request license button.


      We will send you an email back with a Reviewer License and you paste the whole of the contents of the email into the big box in settings and click the install license button, it closes and then when you reopen the App the License will be in place.


      Comments, bug reports, feature requests all welcome.


      Cheers, Nick

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          Here is what it looks like.


          The normal user doesn't get the Pro Ui or direct access to the Themes, hence they just have a set of 30 Themes to choose from.


          The basic Pro License is only US$29.99 for a single user and up to 99 web pages (i.e. records).


          This method of creating responsive web pages will work brilliantly if you need to publish business or educational documents in volume so that they are unbelievably fast and easy to read on any mobile device.


          Cheers, Nick