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FileMaker Training Series: FileMaker 14 Advanced

Question asked by Razor on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by Razor

I'm working my way through the FileMaker Training Series: FileMaker 14 Advanced, iBook version, activity 14.4, page 483.  I've been easily making it through the examples except this one is giving me some problems.  When I click the scan button on my 6S Plus (iOS 9.1) or iPad 2 (iOS 9.1) nothing happens.  I added a Beep command just to make sure the script was running past the device check and it does give the beep.


One thing I though about was maybe I needed to turn on access to the camera in the privacy settings, but there isn't an entry there for FileMaker Go.  Maybe I'm doing something else wrong but considering the script was already written and all I'm doing is pointing the button to the script I'm thinking there is something more to this.  Does any have this example on their system?  If so is it working for you?  Am I doing something wrong?  Thanks.