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    Problems scrolling on a Surface Pro 3


      A client switched from iPads to Surface Pro 3s as their mobile platform. Our app's interface works fine, except scrolling only works on the Surface Pro by using the scroll bar. It does not recognize the swipe touch gesture. I thought perhaps the button over the list body part might be conflicting with the Surface Pro's detection of the gesture so I removed it. Still no luck. Oddly, one of our developers has a Lenovo with a touch display and touch scrolling works fine for him. Has anyone else seen this behavior on Surface Pro 3s? If so, is there a fix or work-around?


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      Scott Howard

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          Portal Scrolling on Windows 8


          Looks like it's been a known issue in the past. But I can't find that it's ever been resolved.


          Have you tried WebDirect to see if it works there? Just a thought that it might be an option vs. the full FMP experience.


          what about an invisible button that overlays the portal and "activates" it for scrolling with a Go To Portal Row [first] script step?


          EG they tap the portal to "activate" it, then scroll as expected.

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            Thanks for the ideas, Mike. This is a mobile app that syncs with a hosted copy, so WebDirect would not work for this phase of the project.


            I wondered about the button too, thinking that perhaps it nullified the Surface Pro's swipe gesture, but when I took all buttons off of the list body part, it still would not scroll. Maybe this will convince my client to ditch the Surface Pros for the iPads!

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              A quick update on this issue: While at the FBA Connect event last month another member has his solution on a new Surface Pro 4. Most lists in his solution were portals which scrolled find when swiped. He opened a list view and was unable to scroll by swiping. So it looks like this has not been solved in the newest Surface Pros.


              Any other feedback on this would be great.

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                i think this is really a Filemaker Go versus FileMaker Pro issue.  On my Lenovo I can use my fingers to scroll in a portal or field But not in List view. I'm assuming the reason is the field and the portal are objects but list view is not an object.   On the Surface can you use your fingers to scroll fields and portals? FileMaker Go is designed for touch devices.  FileMaker Pro not so much.

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                  rgordon, I think you hit the nail on the head! Surface Pros run FileMaker Pro, an app not designed for touch interaction. If you click and swipe in a Word document it puts the cursor in the document and highlights the text where you swipe. To scroll you have to use the scrollbar. (Now, MS does offer a touch-aware version of Word that works better on a touchscreen PCs and Surface Pros.) So, really FileMaker Pro is acting like it was intended to act, as a desktop app that receives user input from a mouse and keyboard.

                  Thank you!