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Using FileMaker for Text Analysis

Question asked by sccardais on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by IanRenwick

I'm wondering if the experts in this forum have an opinion about using FMP for analysis of free form text.


We receive thousands of Support Tickets every month. Each ticket includes a block of text - average 50 words each -  completed by our customers that describes their question, issue, problem, etc.


This is a gold mine of very important information but because it is free form, it is extremely difficult to identify trends and group common issues for prioritization.


We could run the text through a Word Cloud service but we want to use phrases rather than individual words.


I'm wondering if we could create a table of Search Phrases in FMP and run a report that scored "hits" and ranked them according to frequency.


I think we'd want to hold about 1 year's worth of data in the table holding the Free Form text - less than 100,000 records. The table holding search phrases would probably hold no more than 200 - 300 search terms or phrases.


I have no idea if this is too much for FileMaker and I'm hoping someone on this forum can tell if this is realistic.


Thank you.