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Looking for a function to calculate optimized cut

Question asked by golife on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by Siroos Jafary

My customer is producing windows with aluminium frames of almost any size using profiles. Aluminium profiles are extruded with a standard length of 6 meters in the factory. Now I am looking for a way (recursive loop, function...) to know how many profiles must be cut with a minimum amount of waste to fit to a certain order.


Assume a list of profiles of arbitrary length, but not longer than 6 m.


How in FileMaker would an algorithm be best applied to know:


- What would be the best cut to produce minimal waste?

- How many profiles from extrusion are needed?


Assume for example we need 10 profiles of 1200 mm each, 10 profiles of 900 mm each, 4 profiles of 1300 mm each, and 4 profiles of 1100 mm each. We know that in total we need 30,600 mm or 30.6 m of profiles. But just cutting them from the 6 m profiles will produce some waste, more or less, depending on my cutting plan.


A lot of combinations for cutting are possible, but we want the best one.