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Cant open Admin Console

Question asked by Suresh on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by Suresh

Dear All,


I will try to open Admin Console by Browser, That page suggests "Update Java", but that Compatible Latest Java version only applied on Win7 OS.


So I upgraded my operating system from Win XP to Win 7. Now I updated my Java version(Ver 8 Update 65) on Win7, Then try Admin Console by browser while I had a issue that showing "Webpage is not available".

Prod issue.jpg

I checked for IIS for my FMS by using following link, It works(displays IIS7): 192.168.xx.xx

I check the Admin Console link, But It isn't work: 192.168.xx.xx/16000/index.html    or   192.168.xx.xx/16001/index.html


Here I can take Remote desktop, but its very slow!! That's why I trying this above concept(with the support of Java in Browser)!!


Actually here what is the problem? Suggest me to solve this issue!!


Thanks in advance,