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How can a portal show a field in a related table for each portal row?

Question asked by juandent on Nov 17, 2015




I have a layout based on the T09_PaymentsDistribution table (as seen above). I needed a portal showing all the PaymentDistributions for a given selected StatementLine, therefore I created a new TO called "T09c_paydist_PaymentDistribution||idf_statementLine|", which shows as the Many side of the relation from the first TO (why this is so I do not know!!). Then, I wanted to display the Responsible person for each PaymentDistribution so I created a new TO called "T09c_paydist_paydist_Responsables||idf_responsable|". For some reason, this last relationship is shown as N:1 cardinalities (why? - more generally, how can one choose 1:N vrs. N:1 cardinalities in relationships?).



The problem  I have is that the portal shows all PaymentsDistribution for the current StatementLine, but when I add a column for the id_responsable from the "T09c_paydist_paydist_Responsables||idf_responsable|" TO, I only get a value for the first row of the portal... each row should display its corresponding id_responsable.. seems to me...  or is the N:1 cardinality to blame here? If so, how to fix it?