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I am trying to nest an if statement using 2 parameters

Question asked by Jwaldridge on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by ch0c0halic

I am trying to use a nested if statment using 2 parameters.  But it does not seem to do the nested if statement


If ( Total Overtime Hours = "Yes" ; 0 ; If ( LUNCH = "Yes" ; Mod (Tiem out - Tiem in + 86400 - 1600; 86400) ; Mod (Tiem out - Tiem in + 86400; 86400) ) )


I have the following fields

total hours (this is where the code is calculated)

Total Overtime hours


Overtime Results

Time in (I know I can't Spell)

Time out


would like this calculation to result in the total hours =

0 if Total Overtime Hours is "Yes"

total time - 30 min  if total overtime hours is blank and Lunch = "Yes"

total time  if total overtime hours is blank and lung is black.


The OTR is Yes I get a 0 but nothing after that.  If I do just the nested if statement it works switching the Lunch from Yes to blank.


Any suggestions