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Shared file seen via WebDirect but not via Remote in FMP14

Question asked by DDoughtie on Nov 17, 2015

We uploaded a file to FMSA 14 on a Windows server (sorry don't have access to the specs... I'm waiting on the admin). I can see it and access it via WebDirect but under Open Remote  in FMP it's not there. In the admin console it says everything is running and is normal. There are 7 hosted files and 6 are showing up in Open Remote in both FMP 14 and FMP 13. Three are config-ed for webdirect and are showing in webdirect.


But this one file is not showing up. I checked the configuration of the file before it was uploaded and it appears to have the proper security set as to who can access it. But it's odd that I can see if in WD and not over the FM Network. I have to wait for a user to get off then I'm going to stop FMS14 sharing via the console then restart to see if it shows up. I'm on a Mac and looking for a copy of FMP14 running on a PC to see if it is visible (I got to wait for the admin for that as well).


Am I overlooking something in the file options to share it?


UPDATE: Somehow my settings for the Favorite local hosts got set to only show certain files of which the new file was not there. I changed it to show all files. But as I was saving the setting FMPA14 crashed. Now when I go in and click on Favorite Hosts the file names flash briefly and then disappear. I  can get the files to show up briefly if I delete a Favorite and add it but it is only fleeting. Can't open a file you can't see. I'll see if the disappearing favorite host files is posted elsewhere.

UPDATE 2: Okay, the show favorites etc (the little star) is confusing as hell. It is slow to update. So, I think this might have been a loose nut in front of the keyboard. What was throwing me is that with the Not Showing favorites flashing briefly when they probably shouldn't show at all