Help with simple employee absence task

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I am building a simple single-purpose db with FMPro 12. to track employee absences and related points (demerits). My relational db skills are just a bit rusty and I'm not figuring out the kinks.


I have 3 tables:



_EID               auto-entered serial num

FirstName     text

LastName     test

Name          =LastName & ", " & FirstName



_AID          auto-entered serial num

Date          Creation Date

Type          Text (lookup from value list)

EID            number

TypeID       number



_AType     auto-entered serial number

AType       text

APoints     number


In the ABSENCETYPES table, records include a name (Absent, Leave Early, etc.) and a number of points for that type of absence (1, .5, etc.) My relationships are as attached.


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.36.20 PM.png


I have a simple layout where I wish to choose an employee, enter a date, and choose an absence type. Another layout should allow me to choose an employee and see a portal of all absences during the previous 12 months, with a total of points (demerits).


As it is, when I enter a new absence in the Absence Form, I can choose the date, employee, and absence type but no points display. In the Employee form, I can scroll through employees, but the Portal to the ABSENCES table shows no records, even though the records are in the ABSENCES table.


Can someone point out what I'm missing?


Thank you,

David Wolfe