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Why i cannot see the scroll bar at a drop-down list on a portal?

Question asked by onur_mtl on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by jonmyrah

I am working on a personnel database solution. On my inspector layout I have two portals. One of the portal is for inspectors certifications and the other one is the contracts that inspectors were assigned to. The drop-down list on the certifications folder is working perfectly but the other drop-down list at contracts portal is not working. Both drop-downs has exactly the same structure, the differences are the sources... I have attached the photos.


The problem I have is there are 24 contracts on the table but I can see only 11 of them on the drop-down list... There is no scroll bar showing up in order to see the others. But I have a scroll bar showing up at the certifications portal.