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    Referencing files


      I have a client that has a server full of image files (jpgs, pdfs, tiffs, etc). They have a FM14 database being served on FMS 14 (Windows Server 2012). They are accessing the server from FMP 14 clients on Macs and Windows all from within the same network.


      They want to link records in a database to the image files. The want to start from a record in their client FMP, open up a dialog that allows them to search the server machine and choose a file that will be linked to that record. Later they want to go to that record and view the file.


      Storing the files as containers won't work as the files will be edited (but their filepaths and names won't change). And the filepaths and file names have a strict naming convention that can't be changed.


      How would you accomplish this?

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          A while back I inherited a photo solution that had been written some years earlier.  Similar background - many images, formally named, hi res, stored on a specific server.  In this case, that 'hi res' body also has a 'medium res' and a low res mirror copy on separate servers.


          The FMP solution is set up with fields that show each server address (globals).  As each record describing the image is entered, the 'formal name' of the image is also constructed.  Calc fields then concatenate the server address with the file name, so that the image can be displayed in a calculated container.


          Note:  two stages to the endeavour - source material is scanned at hi res, then the low res copies created.  Images (etc) get a file name assigned at that point, and the (later) FMP record applies the same naming protocol.


          It continues to work very smoothly across WAN and LAN, many GBs of data later.  'Old fashioned', but effective and resilient.