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Automate Adding Records To A Portal

Question asked by jkostenbader on Nov 17, 2015

Consider a classic many-to-many relationship between a table called "Employees" and "Comments". Each employee could have many comments and a particular comment might apply to more than one employee. On the Comments layout, when I'm dealing with a comment that might have apply to a dozen or more employees, its very tedious to manually add these to the portal. I'd like a way to add a button that would reach into the related "employee" table and grab a subset of employees to add to this comment. The best method might be by department. So there would be a button that says "Add All Project Managers" (something like that).


The specifics of scripting this are probably above my current level of training. If someone might have something similar they could show me I'm pretty good at following the logic. Assume the following primary keys






The portal in question is of course based on the join table.