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Creating a Class Grade Scale

Question asked by mmitsuda on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by macwombat

Hi guys,


Bewarned, I am a noob at this, I've figured out how to do some of this myself but am really working at a rudimentary level when working with formulas and calculations.  I've figured out how to do a lookup to match values to create an output, in my case the quarter total and a semester grade.  I've made a separate table from my main table and have created a relationship between the points a student has earned and a value that I have put in that corresponds to a letter grade (A, A-, B+, etc).


My solution was to make a record for every value and in a grade field link that value with a letter grade.  My solution is that I have to have to manually input every single value as a separate record and a corresponding grade.  I've got two fields, QTR total and QTR grade.  I have to make for example a record with a QTR total value of 100 and a QTR grade of A, I have to make a separate record for QTR total value 99 and a QTR grade of A.


What I am looking to do and can't figure out is how to streamline this so that values between 100-91 will yield an A, values between 90-81 will yield an A- etc.


Any suggestions?