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Is FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced compatible with Windows 10 Home?

Question asked by Ward on Nov 17, 2015

I'm about to update a FileMaker Run-time Solution I developed for a client running Windows 7.  So I checked the FileMaker site to see if FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced is supported on Windows 7:


The good news is Windows 7 though 10 are listed as supported.  However, only Windows 10 Pro Edition & Windows 10 Enterprise Edition are listed. There's no mention, one way or the other, about Windows 10 Home.

I'm concerned because I just upgraded Window 7 Home Premium (a VMware Fusion 8 virtual machine) to Windows 10 Home (the free upgrade).


After several Google searches turned up nothing about FileMaker 14 on Windows 10 Home, I figured I'd give it a try.  The application installs normally, and a brief experiment with a Starter solution ran fine.


If you're using FileMaker 14 on Windows 10 Home, has it gone well, or have you encountered problems/limitations?


-- Ward