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    how to do charts??


      I have never understood this, in the last data base I manage to get it working by creating way to many fields.


      I have something very similar to an invoicing set up in my database, but it's for tracking time.




      I want to be able to look back at the month so far and see at a glance how much time I have spent on each client. and I would like to display it in a pie chart.


      Client A          X hours

      Client B          Y hours

      Client C          Z hours...


      Pie Chart here!


      I assume I use the table lines for this, what fields do I need? and how do then create the pie chart?

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          or if any one can suggest a good book? "the missing manual" doesn't really explain it that well

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            Do the chart in the Clients.


            See attached.

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              The charting system in FileMaker can be tricky, but once you get it, you get it.
              There's a resource on here about charting that would be very useful. Sure, you can learn about pie charts, but the concepts can be learned and applied all over.


              In-Depth: Charting

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                You guys are heroes Thank you

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                  FileMaker charting was really great when it came out and full featured for its time.  And it hasn't been further developed since then.  It works well enough still but I have pet peeves and many things I can't control such as having horizontal titles on both left and right side of chart, etc.


                  If you have ventured into Google Charting or maybe another web API, you can do the same thing with FileMaker's web viewer and just feeding the web viewer API an array ( $$X, $$Y, etc.) and then get all the features of one of the much more powerful APIs.  It does mean venturing into learning an API and the web viewer.  But you are set free to do so much more if you want.


                  I find that if I want quick and dirty, I use FileMaker charting.  If I'm trying to impress a client, I use Google Charting and FileMaker's web viewer.

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                    please help me,

                    I can show numbers instead of%?, so that it is written to me, 2 italy, japan 3, at least become perfect as I will, and then you understand that for every nation there are the associated records, and then i can use it for other values lists
                    thank you very much <3


                    the chart should show me for every item I post the number of those who are not the% for example,

                    name | nation | category | region |
                    name, italy, pizza, lazio
                    name, italy, pizza, Tuscan
                    name, japan, soups
                    name, USA,
                    name, mexico, seconds
                    name, u.k, first

                    3 on chart
                    NATION = italy 2, japan, 1, USA 1, mexico 1, uk, 1
                    CATEGORY = pizza 2, soups 1, seconds 1, first 1
                    REGION = Lazio 1, Tuscany 1


                    the charts I have to put them in a control slider with 3 points, so that I can see them all 3, but this I know to do it, the only thing I did not understand was how to operate the chart of google


                    if I can do as I want the charts by category and amount of numbers, they are in place and no more disorder XD

                    chartn1.fmp12 - Google Drive