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Windows 2012 R2 Server FMS 14.0.4 freezing out FMP clients

Question asked by taylorsharpe on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2015 by wimdecorte

A client was upgraded this past Sunday to FMS 14.0.4 from 14.0.3.  Each morning we come in, a few people get in and then it starts to make bad connections.  New users connect (takes User name and password), but it immediately freezes and locks the FMP clients and they have to force quit and no new clients can log in.  It has done this each morning, so we are probably going to uninstall and go back to 14.0.3.  The log files don't show anything unusual.  We see Event Error 30's for "no longer responding; connection closed".  There are a number of simultaneous schedule scripts running.  It is a big database (155 Gigs) and during the day typically has 30-50 simultaneous users mostly by FMP clients (very few mobile or web). 


Is anyone else having problems with users logging on in the morning and getting locked out after upgrading to 14.0.4?


Here is the log file.  Users stopped being able to get in at 8:10am and that is when the FMP clients all behave as frozen.