Stand alone import works on desktop but not iOS

Discussion created by DanielShanahan on Nov 18, 2015
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I have a system where I'm moving data between a hosted file and a stand alone file.  The stand alone file is designed for FM Go on the iPad and will be used by inspectors in the field where there is no connectivity.


I can move data from the hosted file to the stand alone file.  However, when I try to move data from the stand alone to the hosted I have issues:

- it more or less works when the stand alone file is on the desktop.

- it doesn't work when the stand alone is on FM GO on the iPad.


On the desktop, if the hosted file isn't opened, I may receive a 729 error.  If I re-run the script while the hosted file is open, then it works.  On the iPad, I receive a 729 error for the first import and then error 3 for the next two imports.


Here are screenshots of my scripts, starting from the stand-alone file.  Naming convention for the screenshots: "Local-S1" means "Stand alone -send - first script".  This calls a script in the hosted file so "Hosted-R1" means "Hosted - receive - first script".













Any ideas what I'm doing incorrectly?