GTRR (new window) does NOT trigger 'OnWindowOpen' file-level script trigger

Discussion created by justinc on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Paul Jansen
I just ran into this issue recently and I can't find anything saying that it doesn't/shouldn't work, and many references in the documentation that imply that it should work.



When you use the 'Go To Related Record' step and specify that is should open in a new window, the 'OnWindowOpen' script trigger doesn't fire.  (The 'OnWindowOpen' trigger is defined at the file level.)


I tried this using FMPA13 and FMPA14 with the same results.


Product and version ( FMPA 14.0.3, FMPA 13.05)

OS and version:  OSX 10.9.5


Workaround (if any):  manually define a script call after the GTRR that calls the same script as defined in 'OnWindowOpen'


I have spoken with other developers who say they also see this behavior.