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    More Bugs on hosted file


      Windows FM 14.3

      I just had another client have a 'record missing' on a hosted file.  When I log in the record is there.  If they close FileMaker and reopen, the record reappears.


      I also had 2 customers call this week with screens all gibberish, I once again deleted the font cache file and had to do a hard restart.


      This is embarrassing!!!!!

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          It sounds like the local caches on the client machines are being munged up. It's possible network issues are preventing FileMaker from properly maintaining the cache. What kind of network is being utilized?

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            This has never happen in all the years I have deployed FM to my Customer base.   Not until FM14.  Now in a month I have had 2 instances, 2 different customers, 2 different networks, 1 that is very fast, the other average.


            Data integrity is job 1 and FM has fallen down and hasn't fixed it.


            Then I have had 9 calls in a month about font gibberish.  Even in the latest 14.4.  On top of that I have crashes daily, Server 14.4 wont run system scripts.


            This is unprofessional, end of story.  I have used FM since version 1, and this is the first time I have ever been embarrassed by FM.

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              Is it possible that your file may be corrupted.  Try running a recovery on it to see what errors it finds.


              I had a similar situation with FM14 script workspace crashing repeatedly.  The problem stopped after I did a recover. Before that I would have sworn that there was nothing wrong with the file.

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                Tom, just checking...


                I see you've upgraded to Server 14.0.4. At the upgrade site, they provide an important note and a link to another page where they say:


                "FileMaker 14.0.4 includes changes to the interaction between clients (FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go) and hosts (FileMaker Server).


                While FileMaker 14.0.4 will not break connectivity with earlier compatible versions, the important security and product issue fixes require updating both clients and hosts to FileMaker 14.0.4 in order to fully implement the fixes."


                So have all the clients been upgraded to 14.0.4, too?

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                  This happened before AND after I upgraded the server