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    14.4 update "fun"


      So far our migrations to 14 have gone remarkably smoothly (ignoring the issues with Outlook and confusion over 64 vs 32bit) but the update to 14.4 has been bumpy. Updating three high power Mac Pro servers resulted in eviscerated web server and a seriously broken launch center.

      That was a mac server, so I tried it (the update) on a PC, and I got the following error message.


      Fortunately, this is a test machine, and I was able to grab a client's "Maintenance Release" email to get links to download a full installer for 14.4.


      But, I couldn't resist sharing this humorus (and annoying) message with you all.

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          Amusing, but it's so preventable.


          The updaters/installers use the OS file indexing to locate the existing version of an application. If you've turned off OS level indexing, for example Spotlight on a Mac, then the updater won't find the file.


          This is an issue for all stand alone updaters. Note: the Apple store updaters use an Installer record created during the Apple installation process. They don't have to rely on the OS File Index.

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            So, not preventible when you turn off indexing on purpose, like we do for all our servers. Ha ha ha.
            Still, that machine is indexed. hmm.


            As a follow up the Mac Servers are doing delightfully well now that I used a FULL 14.4 installer.