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Remote Storage

Question asked by DavidJondreau Expert on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

I've historically used SuperContainer for file management. I have a client who is resistant to SC and thinks external container storage should be sufficient. Since I'm such a big fan of SC, I haven't really worked with external storage and maybe it would be fine.


A few things that I wondering about...


How does FileMaker reference an externally stored file?

I experimented by creating a table with a container field using open external storage in a database hosted with FileMaker Server. I added a pdf to the container field called sample.pdf. I then navigated to the storage folder on the server and could view sample.pdf. If I swapped that sample.pdf file out for another with the same name, then FMP stopped recognizing it.


Can users access files directly and edit them?

I experimented a little by trying to edit sample.pdf directly on the server. When trying to save the file, I received an error saying I didn't have privileges. I'm not sure if that's a quality of the external storage or my sys admin skills.


Anyone else with experience both with external storage and SC have any input?


We're not concerned at this point about encryption.