OnRecodCommit performs *after* commit in certain scenario

Discussion created by Swedenborg on Nov 18, 2015
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Product and version:

Go_iPad 14.04


OS and version:

iOS 9.1 (also tested on 8.1.3)



OnRecordCommit performs *after* commit if user clicks outside a field, INSIDE a pop-over, IF the pop-over is placed in a Top Navigation part. Phew.


How to replicate

Place a pop-over in a Top Navigation.

Add a OnRecordCommit trigger on layout. Exit with false.

Modify the record in the pop-over.

Click outside the field. (Inside the pop-over.)

Watch the record commit before the triggered script will prevent it.


Workaround (if any)

Move the pop-over to different layout part or run in FMP(A).

See attached demo file.