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Filemaker Consultant Montreal, Canada Area

Question asked by LesAteliersTurcotte on Nov 18, 2015

Does anyone know of a consultant specialized in Filemaker within the Montreal, Canada area?


We really need someone to help us with a transition from BENTO to FILEMAKER and ideally, this would be done in-person.


If you know of anyone, do let me know.


Here's the job posting I have:


We have a specific need: help polish the transition of a database, specifically Bento to Filemaker. The job is partially done, however in order to continue we'd like to hire a consultant for one day (approximately 4 hours) to accomplish final touches on the code we need.


We are looking for someone to be available on Saturday November 21st, beginning at 12:30pm. We want someone to come in physically at our location in NDG.


Experience needed: Coding, Filemaker, Database



Thank you!