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    Sync question


      I Know this has probably been asked many times before but I need so,e help with sync options.


      i have a good database but need iOS fmg sync.  I have looked at the 'off the shelf' options but all of them seem to require FM server (expensive) or have a hosted solution.  Whilst I like the idea of a hosted solution, most of them cost $40 per month to host a synced solution.


      the only other option I can see is using a developer to script it manually for me as I dont have the time to learn how to do it effectively.  Again this seems too costly.


      Am I missing a more straight forward/ cheaper solution  that uses FMP on a home computer and FMG on iOS to sync?


      Thanks in advance

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          what exactly are you trying to sync TO if you're not already using a hosted file? Multiple iPad users of the same file?


          Device to device sync is a little hinky without using a server to manage a single "shared" set of records that is then hosted out.


          You can't really connect directly to another iPad because filemaker go is not designed to host as a datasource.


          You can rig some export/import options, but nothing that's as easy (for the user) as pressing a button and having the sync perform.


          You could always cut out the hosting middle man and host your own server. Higher up front fee, but could be cheaper in the long run.

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            If you do not want to have server you could probably build data export to csv functionality in the FM go database. When you need to move this data to the home computer version you could move take the .fmp12 file off of the iDevice with iTunes, open it with the home computer version of filemaker, run the export scripts, import the data from csv into the home computer database, and put the FM go database back on the iDevice.


            Alot depends on the details of what to sync/export and when. You can't export containers.

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              I am now developing a filemaker synchronisation solution which does not require a FileMaker Server. If you are interested in it try it out: FileMaker data replication (synchronisation) without plugins or FileMaker Server (http://www.filemaker-sync.com)