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    Servers and Syncing


      Hi all,


      I work with a small organization in Haiti working to develop a social business for sanitation. We are currently using a series of increasingly complicated Excel Sheets to manage our 500+ customers, so we are eager to get a database in place. After a lot of research on what's already out there, we've decided that developing our own is the best solution, and we think FileMaker is probably the best way to do it. That said, we have some pretty basic questions about servers and syncing that we would like to address before we move full steam ahead. We have a created a document that covers what our needs and challenges are, and we're hoping the FileMaker Community might be willing to give us some feedback!



      Erica and the team at SOIL

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          You basically have two options:

          - set up a server in each office and sync between the servers

          Pro: very fast connectivity for the people in each office

          Con: need very stable sync solution


          - set up one central server and everybody works against that one server

          Pro: no syncing

          Con: potentially slow connectivity speeds


          The other consideration is whether there is need for the remote people to work in areas that they have no connectivity whatsoever so that their only choice is to work with the database locally and then sync when they can.