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Layout Selection for 256th+ Layouts Fails

Question asked by millennium on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by TSGal

Product and version FileMaker Pro Adv 14.0.3 & 13

OS and version Windows 8.1 Pro

Description When attempting to select a layout which is the 256th or greater layout in the list of layouts, the last layout is presented instead.  This is true even if only a few layouts are visible in the selection list.  Navigation to a layout by button/script works fine, but who wants to create a button for every single layout?

How to replicate Create a new database.  Go into Edit Layout mode.  Manage Layouts.  Duplicate the layout.  Uncheck Include in layout menus (you'll wish you did if you don't).  Click the Duplicate button about 260 times.  Add a text box to each label on layouts 253-258 and on the last layout.  Include layouts 253-258 on the layout menus.  Now select layout 253.  Select layout 254.  Select layout 255.  Select layout 256 and bam, you're suddenly on the last layout.

Workaround a) Put multiple tabs on the 255th layout and forget the layout menu for anything beyond that, or b) create a button for every layout beyond the 255th and put each button on every layout, or c) create a "Next Layout" button and click it 100 times to get to layout 355, or d) submit a problem report and hope for an update.