Print report with two portals from different tables

Discussion created by AndrewJudd on Nov 19, 2015
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hi all,


Usually with my print layouts I use list view and a script step to related records in the line items table, say for invoices etc that works fine. This avoid page break portal issues.


However, I am drawing up an accounts table which has portals to two tables. These are expenses and accounts line items. You can see the set up attached.


My print layout currently has two portals on - "EXPENSES" and "ACCOUNTS LINE ITEMS". A user enters a list of costs asscoaietd with an event and then adds artwork that has been sold to accounts line items. Fairly simple, these two amounts are set against each other for a quick  accounts / income vs outgoings print out.


What I wonder is how to avoid using portals to print with - they are not reliable for page breaks etc. Image can bleed across page breaks etc.


Should I pull everything into another table and print from that?


Whats best?


thank you




Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 18.50.40.png