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Pause/Resume script step and bluetooth scanners

Question asked by randomstream on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

I am trying to set up a bluetooth scanner to work with filemaker.

We currently have a scanner with a USB cord which has 'enter' as a suffix.

There is a looping script that pauses to allow barcode entry, then resumes with the enter suffix.

However, for some reason no bluetooth scanner seems able to resume a paused script. We can program a wide variety of characters, both terminators and suffix but none of them work.


The question is, what is a filemaker script waiting for when it is paused?


I've tried <CR>, <LF>, <CR&LF> as well as a variety of others but haven't hit the magic combination. Unfortunately there is no setting for 'Enter'. I called Apple and they said the enter key differs by application so only filemaker would be able to answer this question. With no filemaker help desk to call I am totally stuck. The barcode company is also unable to figure out what will duplicate the enter key filemaker needs. On a bluetooth keyboard <Fn> <CR> works but of course scanners send keys individually and programming function and return sequentially didn't work.


Yes, there are ways around this and I notice that custom dialogs on an ipad now enter a field without you needing to tap on it (new in FMGo 14?) so they would do in a pinch. Our first choice of solution though is to stick with this looped script as it is universal to all machines (desktops and ipad) and scanners that the company owns.