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Excel or CSV import in FMGo

Question asked by TorstenBernhard on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by rouelf

Yesterday evening I created an ad-hoc solution for my wife who is managing a materials test lab.

It took me some two hours to set it up and produce results from test data entered via CSV import. Sleek job done, that's where FileMaker excels in efficiency and ease of use.

This morning I put it on my pad in FMGo. And found the following:


CSV files received by email can be imported and stored in records and calculations work as well.


One single but crucial script step does not work: The CSV file's data cannot be imported. This obiously breaks the entire workflow and makes it unusable on iOS.

I guess it doesn't work on the new iPad Pro, too, since it's FMGo on iOS.


Before writing a feature request I would like to read if any of you would find it useful to add the feature of importing data from Excel or CSV files in FMGo?


Thanks in advance for feedback