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    Server 14 Dev License Software




      I need to install the above software which I accessed through FDS benefits , purely to go through the activities in Mod 8 of FTS Advanced , as I want to pass the developer exam.  I'm thinking about buying a laptop to run the server software on, to use next to my laptop running FM Pro.


      I was wondering has anyone tested whether it works on a non server OS at all?  I'm on Windows and of course the documentation recommends a Windows Server OS such as 2008 or 2012.


      If anyone has any advice or thoughts for me, it would be greatly appreciated.



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          FMS Techincal Specifications:  FileMaker Server 14 Technical Specifications | FileMaker


          This says only Windows Server 2008 or 2012.  So, no, it won't work on non Server OS's if you want FileMaker's guarantee.  In the past people have run it on say Windows 7 Professional, etc.  It would work, but there were always issues with WebDirect and other things to the point where it was just not worth the hassles.  FMS really is a server service designed to work on server architecture.  The closest workaround is using a Mac because the client and server versions are both full Unix OSs and FMS works fine with them, making them good tools for your situation to have FMS and FMPA on the same laptop. 

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            ok, Thanks for the input Taylor.  I also had input from a FileMaker colleague that they too have used FMS on Windows 7 and Mac OS X standard operating systems.

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              Don't know about Win 7 but FMS 14 wont even install on Win 8

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                Aah , well that's useful info.. obv. Win8 is easier to get these days than 7. I assumed that if it works on 7, it must work on 8.. I was going to try it on 8 , but since you said that I'm going to try and get my hands on Win7 instead . Thanks

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                  I had it working earlier today on my Windows 7 machine, and enabled SSL connections with the default FileMaker certificate it ships with for testing purposes.  It says you have to restart the database server for that to take effect. After attempting to restart, logout and then log back in, I've not been able to access it again.  The error message that the admin console URL gives back from the web browser is: "The remote device or resource won't accept the connection."  I uninstalled the anti-virus software and re-tested to prove that it was not that causing the problem.


                  Does anyone  have any idea what could have caused (presumably port: 16001) to stop working, or came across this problem yourself, before I resort to just uninstall and then reinstall?  Thankyou.

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                    Anyway hopefully this was just temporary. I clicked on admin console via All Programs > FileMaker Server and it loaded and let me login this time. Fingers crossed.

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                      Make sure you are properly shutting down the files and server service if you are going to host files on it to develop on. Not doing so will corrupt your files and cause issues with FileMaker Server. ( Hint: Read the server manual )

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                        Even if you do get FMS 14 working on Windows 7, it probably won't be very stable.  This would just be to play around with and certainly would put data at risk.  If you want cheap, get a Mac Mini (or used one that has at least Mac OS X 10.9 on it) and you'll be good to go.  It is often cheaper than buying a bottom of the line PC plus the cost of Windows Server.  Granted you are still looking at the bottom of the line hardware either way and this is just good for development work and not production.  But you would have your own server up and running.  Or alternatively you can look at virtual servers in the cloud that you could put FMS on. 

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                          Thanks for this Joshua, it was a useful hint, not mentioned in FTS, as far as I can remember, and the actual manual helped