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Performance on iPhone with a table having many fields?

Question asked by lombardi3g on Nov 21, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by lombardi3g

I expect to have an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 6 accessing my Filemaker 14 db hosted by a commercial hoster.  In the structure of my db, I think my best option is to have one of my dozen tables employ 500 to 1000 fields (all my other tables will have less than 50 fields each).  Of course, any given layout will only deal less than 20 fields, more likely 10.  I think I have good reasons to have so many fields in this particular table so I won't get into the 'why'.


Anyway, will mobile performance suffer as the number of fields in just one table surpasses some special number and what would that number be?

TIA, Allan