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File disappeared from server!

Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Nov 19, 2015
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       I had an unusual thing occur sometime in the last couple of days. Today I went to access a certain file hosted on FMS 14.04 and got the "file not found" message. Opened the admin console and sure enough the file wasn't listed. Went onto the server machine and of course it wasn't there. Of course I had backups. I had to go back to a 3 day old daily backup, send it over to a client machine, and upload to server via FMP. Satisfactory conclusion especially since I only enter data into this file weekly. However i find this cause for concern. I certainly didn't go onto the server machine and delete the file and I'm sure I didn't remove it via the admin console. If I had, wouldn't it be in the Removed by FMS (sic) folder? So my question is: has this happened to anyone else out there?