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I need help with adding to a portal?

Question asked by weedonpaul on Nov 20, 2015
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I am trying to reuse the same script.


I have an events layout with lots of portal that look for contacts

one will look for attendees, one will look for speakers etc


portals work fine and all the tables etc are correct


My script creates a pop up window and asked user to search for contact and gets the contact id as a variable and closes window. all good.


my problem is what to do with the variable. in the first portal I name the id field and then told the script to go to that field but I can't use the same name in the other portals, but i don't want to create a mother version of the script as I will use it in other places.


can I set a verbal for a field in the current portal at the beginning?

all id fields have the same name other than the table they come from is there a way of setting a variable for the portal I'm in?


Or a better Idea?