Records missing that have no delete relationship

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OS and version Windows 2008 and 2012 R2 server with FileMaker Server 13 or 14

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Our medical software, Practicemaker, does not allow "patient" records to be deleted. Instead they are flagged as "closed". Users do not have the ability to delete patient records...there are no delete record scripts. Each patient record has associated tables for phone numbers and insurance information connected via the key field "Chart". These tables ARE set up to cascade delete if the mother record is deleted BUT the user does NOT have access to delete records.


We have been seeing across many installations that just or only just the "patient table" record is missing but none of the other linked table records. For example, if chart 121121 goes missing, the phone table and insurance table still has the records for chart "121121".


If server is closed and services stopped, and the file recovered to rebuild the indexes, these records do NOT reappear. The record(s) is(are) still seen in backups, which are saved for 21 days (there are also progressive backups).


Similar "dropped" records have been noted over the years but the frequency has increased in my clients.


Any suggestions as to why a "mother record" would drop but linked daughter records would not besides hardware failure?


How to replicate: Unable to have any relationship or any table occurrence that would cause just the mother record to be deleted and prevent the daughter records from also being deleted

Workaround (if any)